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Pointex operates on the front lines of rigid and flexible containment, moving the needle on value-add printing innovations


Ahead of the Pack – Behind the innovation

Over the years, Pointex has amassed extraordinary insight into the latest developments in structural design and commercial printing. Extensive firsthand experience helps us offer cutting-edge packaging recognized for enduring quality and cost efficiency.

Discover various technologies spearheaded by our team of creative designers and skillful engineers. Coupled with our facilities’ impressive roster of manufacturing tools and machinery, our catalog is the finest selection of corrugated boxes, folding cartons, flexible pouches and other custom packaging.

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Key Technologies

  • Custom Printing

    With investments in today’s top flexo, litho and digital printing technologies, we can replicate any image, logo or graphic to your exact specification

  • Specialized Coatings

    From adhesive laminations to dependable UV coatings, our specialists use a variety of methods for optimizing visual appeal and performance

  • Structural Design

    Whether strength, endurance or appearance is top priority, Pointex caters every detail to the unique needs of your solid or liquid contents

  • Foil Stamping

    Design experts beautify your packaging products with stunning metallic text, glossy patterns, matte engravings and other creative effects

  • Advanced Die Cutting

    With sophisticated cutters built right into the press, we’re able to shear a variety of surfaces quickly and accurately for your packing convenience

  • Unique Windowing

    Showcase the contents of your retail and grocery containers with versatile cutouts and durable, puncture-proof plastic and other film barriers

  • Embossing & Debossing

    Advanced die templates allow us to embellish paperboard and other surfaces with intricate impressed or depressed images and text

  • Specialty Paper

    We make you look good on paper! Choose your favorite substrate, including foil board, high barrier boards, and other specialty paper varieties

  • Digital Prepress

    To ensure absolute accuracy and consistency, Pointex utilizes cutting-edge industry software and proofing processes to beat your expectations

What else can we do?

Anything you can imagine